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Fortree City and Fortree City's Gym!

You can ride your bike on the tree bridges! I remember In the old games you could only walk on the bridges. No running, no bike. It was annoying when you had to head east from Fortree.

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Just got this shiny Liepard over wonder trade while sending off some Fennekins I bread. If you happen to be on Tumblr, thank you :)



I REALLY need more Pokemon blogs on my dashboard!
I don’t care what it is, shipping, AU’s, roleplay blogs, whatever.

If you post Pokemon content, please reblog! I need to follow more!

Please! ^u^

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Been making some more Sculpey figures. This time some Tomyless Hoenn Pokemon. The last picture shows them next to real Tomys of their evolutions. I think I got the proportions pretty close to what their actual Tomys would have been.


Wow, got a shiny Swablu after only about 100 hatches with the Masuda method :)

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I got the new Shiny event Jirachi thanks to kecleoff, who traded it for my shiny Metagross. I’ve always wanted a shiny Jirachi. I downloaded a ton of wishmkrs off the Colosseum bonus disk way back when, trying for one, but gave up after about two boxes full. You had to reset the GBA game and play through the whole beginning sequence just to download one, so needless to say, I tiered of that pretty quickly. Now I have one though! I hope they release more shiny event legends in the future!

Here’s a quick animated GIF in celebration :D The screenshot above is my shiny jirachi in game and was used for reference while drawing and coloring the animation, so I thought I’d include it.

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Pokemon Fanart

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I decided to compile all the Pokemon related art I’ve posted in the past into one post. There are also a few things that I haven’t posted before.

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A Pokemon sculpture I recently completed. I posted the Umbreon figure before, but since then I have made a whole scene including Spinarak and Dugtrio! I Photoshopped the backgrounds out of the pictures to give a better view.

When I Bought a package of Sculpey to experiment with, I didn’t realize how fun making these little sculptures would be. The photos are sort of big, so I put the rest under the cut. The rest include turnarounds of the figures and individual props 

Also, I’m assuming the new pkmnart tag also includes sculptures? If not, let me know.

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I kind of got a little carried away with the Sculpey after I completed the Umbreon I posted a little while ago. I don’t know where all this came from!

Spinarak is another of my favorite Pokemon, and Dugtrio seemed right for the setting.

I’m really happy and surprised at how well this little scene turned out :)